I will try to keep this up to date.  If you are looking for something, please get in touch.  The photos shown above are just a selection of what’s in stock.  Some monograms are large, some small; prices across the whole range.

List of monograms on bedlinen:

Sheets: MCE, MS, DPV, MR x 2, GT, LG, EJ, MG, BR, JS, CF, PP, MG, OC x 2, GL, PD, MM, GM, RC, BL, HL, SB, LB X 2, VL, RD, LR

Pillowcases (square): M/W, ER, PD, DM x 2

List of monograms on table linen:

Napkins: EK, GC, VT, MM, SR

Tablecloths: MM

Teatowels: ER, AD, MP, MD

Guest towels: AD, GM, AP,

Misc monograms on offcuts: F, L, R, LB, RL,