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Well, two weeks of hard graft at the house and it’s pretty much ready for New Year.  We didn’t get as much done as we would have liked, of course, but there are only 24 hours in a day.  We’ve left the house tidy and hopefully our lovely Sylvie will be able to make it sparkle for our guests.

Didn’t do as much buying as I might have liked but of course I’ve returned with some treasures.  Just three beds, but each one lovely – and one is already sold and off to its new home tomorrow.  Also a good pile of linen, including 11 of the same soft rustic linen, enough to curtain a small house!  Lots of glassware; set of 10 1950s etched crystal champagne coupes, set of eight long lemonade glasses (perhaps more suited to g&t or Pimm’s!).  A mad Vallaouris fruit bowl, pretty crystal lamp, pair of double candlesticks, oak bedside table…   OK, so quite a bit after all!

I have promised to post some photos of progress on the house but I think I’ll wait until next time, when it’s all a bit cleaner!  So will post some in January.

And for now, it’s back to posting on eBay and Etsy…