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Well, 2012 is here – I hope it brings you good things; happiness, health and laughter.

We have had a fabulous New Year in Burgundy with a house full of gorgeous friends.  Much eating, drinking, talking and laughing.  Thank you  to you all for helping us see in 2012 in style.

A little trip to Domaine Lemonde  (www.domainelemonde.com) for some wine tasting and buying helped the weekend go with a swing.  Of the 24 bottles we bought, just two white left.  And a big thank you to the demon Bloody Mary maker – they were fab!

Sadly we lost a full bottle of port which has just been decanted into a beautiful cut crystal decanter – it succumbed to an out of control metal food cloche and the whole lot crashed to the floor.  What a waste!  Luckily there was a second bottle of port on standby.

But I wouldn’t want you to think we did nothing but drink!  We did eat too, and even went out for a walk on New Year’s Day.  Oh, and there was a sortie to Beaune on Saturday although I was manhandling a very large boeuf bourguignone into the oven so stayed at home.

The last of our guests departed on the 6.30am TGV so we are now missing everyone but enjoying the quiet!

Let the Chinese laundry begin!