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I love my kitchen cupboards!  No photos yet of the  finished items but I’ll add some soon.  The carcasses are Ikea with a pair of bi-fold doors that David found in a brocante in Normandy.  The result is an easy to maintain wipe clean interior hidden behind something rather  more stylish.  Love the colour of the doors but they’re a bit too trad for me, I  will be repainting them (possibly in soft green).

For me it’s important to know that all my china and glass is shut away so that when we come back down to the house after a few weeks away, I know that everything is dust and spider free!

Hallway cupboards also finished and David will take better photos when we’re back in a few weeks.  We made the doors with chicken wire panels, backed with fabric for a modern take on a traditional French cupboard.  Very pleased with the results. Finally, after eight years in the house, the hoover has a home and isn’t stored under the stairs – HURRAH!