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Well, this is quite scary but I’m now a fully paid up member of the camping and caravanning club of Great Britain.

It all started because I’ve just booked a trailer to hitch up and take to France for my buying trip this weekend.  I’m on the hunt for furniture in a big way, plus have three beds to collect that we couldn’t fit in the car on our last trip.

So, I was thinking about insurance and what happens if the car breaks down in France so I spoke to the RAC who were most helpful and said they could upgrade my European cover to include repatriation of a trailer for £65.  The man I was chatting to then kindly mentioned that if I was a member of the c&c club, they would upgrade my membership free of charge.  And it’s only £39 to join the club – so I am now a member.

My husband is embarrassed for me but will no doubt be telling everyone he sees, kind soul that he is.  Camp I can do – camping I’m not so sure!

Well, wish me luck, I’ve never pulled a trailer before and this one has a double axle so I know backing it is going to be a bitch!  I remember my long suffering mother trailing the horsebox around the Surrey countryside for me and my pony as a child and she was fine as long as she never had to back it up.  Generally at a horse show that’s no problem as you are in a large field.  Narrow French lanes and brocantes?  I’m worried already!