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At the deserted Eurotunnel terminal. 

Well, it wasn’t perhaps the best few days to take a trailer to France, but we managed it!  Snow fell thick and fast (for Surrey) on Saturday night and we thought we might have to call the whole trip off, but we decided to give it a go, with the theory that if we made it out of the village we’d probably be ok.

Well, we did make it out of the village, round the M25, to the tunnel and down through France.

The roads weren’t exactly clear  

But the sun shone   

The little hotel was fine   

We did need to use the snow socks at one point and were glad to have them

(I would highly recommend them).

Buying went well  

And we left a happy Frenchman taking my Euros to his bank!

We have finally unloaded the car and trailer and delivered the trailer back to the hire  company.

Not much else on the cards for today.  Lighting the fire and a cup of tea I think.