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Finally we’re back in Cheilly, it’s just been too long.  Normally we’d be down in February at some time but that didn’t seem to work this year with the timing of Easter so its been 10 weeks since we’ve been here – as I said, far too long!

Had a really good drive down yesterday.  The weather was stunning and the traffic was light even by French standards.  We arrived at Beaune just as the sun was slipping behind the cote and it felt so good to be home.

Sadly no one’s finished the en-suite shower room or painted the kitchen in our absence – funny that!  But the good news is that very dry weather has kept the weeds at bay.  The courtyard looks a bit shabby and wintery but doesn’t take long to tidy up.  Leaves unfurling all along the wisteria we planted last Autumn and the cherry tree in the garden is just about to bloom.

Just checked out the weather forecast for next week – heavy rain all week!! Oh well…