Well, here’s me thinking I was going to have time to write my blog when we got down to France.  Haaaaaa Haaaaa!  Needless to say we haven’t stopped, already cramming about 10 days work into the five days we’ve been here.

It didn’t help that the entire weekend was taken up with buying; not that I’m complaining, that’s one of the reasons I’m here, but it was a bit mad and meant that we didn’t get on with house orientated things at all and are playing catch-up now.  In fact as I write I can see David going backwards and forwards across the courtyard loading things into the trailer to go to the tip.  He’s been piling things up into the chapel all winter and now it really needs clearing out before our house guests arrive!

Yes, and talking of guests, the lovely Rebecca and hubby Duncan are arriving a day early.  It does mean that we get to spend longer together so I am very happy about that; just have to zoom about a bit faster today to get the house looking pretty.  And then I can relaxxxxxxxxx.  Bec and Duncan are driving a van load of things down to their soon-to-be-completed-and-quite-fabulous house in Tuscany and stopping with us on the way, so I think all four of us will enjoy doing nothing on Thursday.

Better get back to menu planning and shopping list writing!