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… and the sun is shining.

We spent a really lovely weekend in Normandy staying with my oldest buddy Nigel; relaxed suppers catching up with friends and some good buying on Sunday.

Drove across to the house yesterday with Dolly the trailer bobbing behind us.  It is our first trip with him (full name Dolly the drag queen) and he is already full!  Beds, commode, buffet, linens, china, glass, a fab chandelier – lots of great stuff.  But don’t worry, there is room for more buying once we unload all the things that are staying here.we slid straight through the gates to the courtyard with no problem at all which was a huge relief and life is much easier now that we can unpack the trailer in the courtyard rather than down in the square as we had thought.

So, better get to it!  Photos later once I’ve unpacked it all.