Very much a work day here.  I’m painting the dining room which is going well.  The ghastly loud salmon/peach wallpaper is now entirely GONE.  Thankfully it was very well stuck so I have taken the lazy route and merely painted over it.  And the dining room is quite a cool place to be on such a hot day, so all good really.

Have now completed a pale first coat, just to cover the dreaded peach, and have mixed up the colour I think I want for the end result.  Have splashed some on each wall and waiting for it to dry to see if it is what I want…

David is being considerably more pioneering.  The kitchen sink is OUT of the old position and resting on the island unit where it will serve until I can find exactly the sink I want.  (This could take time!)

The only slight problem is that it is now 6.30pm, we’re going to friends for dinner, badly need showers and the water is off…

When I’m painting I like to rub excess/spilt paint on my sweatshirt and trousers – it’s just the way I work.  It is the height of summer so have been using my arms and legs this time around so I’ll look very strange if I can’t get in a shower.  🙂  David is also filthy as he’s been down in the cellar half the day running piping.

I wonder if our friends would mind if we jumped in their shower as we arrive?

Hey ho.  Only 6.30pm, still a while before things become critical.