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Having escaped for a gorgeous holiday in Sorrento last week, I always knew it was going to be a nightmare getting ready to come to France.  I returned Tuesday evening and we were off to France early on Friday, to be away for a month.

David had been getting well ahead while I was away so my two day turn around went smoothly and we were off at 7 am on Friday, Dolly the trailer hitched up and ready to go.  The plan?  A night with our friend in Normandy to catch up on the gossip with him and visit one of my lovely suppliers of gorgeous linens before zipping on to Burgundy for a huge market in the Bresse on Sunday.

We had an acceptable full cooked breakfast in P & O’s Brasserie and dropped in at a brocante in Rouen and found two little iron beds. All good so far and we arrived at Nigel’s early and had a lovely evening and dinner with the other Nigel at Chateau de Blavou.  Lots of work going on there and good to see the progress; new drawing room looking fab!

Dropped in at the linen lady on Saturday morning and bought some treasures from her then hitched up and headed on our way to Burgundy, stopping at a couple of brocantes along the way of course.

And that was when the trouble started.  Stopped car, got out, walked past trailer.  Funny smell…  Backed up to trailer; definitely a funny smell; of burning.  “David, is the wheel supposed to smell like this and be really hot?”  So, that’ll be the brake stuck on then.  Luckily we were only about 20 miles from Nigel’s so we returned but David did point out that the very big tooly thing that he needed to take the wheel hub off he did not have.

Luckily there is a little garage man right by Nigel’s house and he was still open at 5.45pm on a Saturday which was good going.  With what remains of my feminine charm and being as blonde as possible I sweet talked the mechanic into lending us his big tooly thing so that David could sort the brake out on Sunday.

Sunday dawned, it stopped raining so David could do the work in the dry and I had the opportunity to visit another of my linen ladies and came back with masses of fabulous stuff and a pretty wrought iron daybed.  We had another couple of nights with Nigel which was really nice and caught up with some others in the area too.  So what was a bit of a mad dash turned into a lovely relaxing weekend.

The only down side is that I missed the enormous market in the Bresse on Sunday that was the whole reason for heading down to Burgundy in such a rush in the first place.  Hey ho!

So, we’re now getting settled into the house, hopefully to be down here for a month so that I can do lots of buying and we can both carry on the jobs on the house that we have on the go.

First load of linens has been laundered and there are sheets and napkins on the line as I write, so watch this space for photos of new stock very soon.