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I spent the afternoon cleaning tomettes (quarry/terracotta tiles) with a pressure washer.  Boy, it really works!  But left me with very cold hands and feet.  I’ve done about six square metres so I’m half way through.

We knew that we had tiles in different shades but now they are clean the colours are showing so much better.  We have the standard terracotta but also some in a gorgeous pale creamy pink and others in quite a bright mustard.

When we first bought the house we laboriously reclaimed these tomettes from two unrestored rooms at the back of the house.  It was ghastly, backbreaking, filthy work that we would not want to do again.  And we slightly broke our Jeep taking the hundreds of bags of sand (on which tomettes are traditionally laid) to the dump.

The tomettes were lifted and taken down to the cellar and all the sand was bagged up and winched out of the window by me, down to David and the waiting car.  It was all made just that little more unpleasant by the very fine black dust that lay over everything, covering us and coating our lungs.

So, fast forward 10 years and we realise we have enough tomettes to tile the hallway so that is my next task.  I’ll lay all three colours together as that’s how they were originally and once waxed and finished I’m hoping it’ll look rather fabulous.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for photos, this could take some time!

I’m a little daunted as I have never laid floor tiles before but luckily it’s a rustic look we’re after!