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Hopefully we haven’t done any unseen damage to the car but we came back up from Lyon last week with three iron beds on the roof of the Volvo and an upholstered one inside the car.   We found them in a mad place with amazing architectural salvage scattered about amongst rusty cars.  Before I’d had time to have second thoughts two guys had hefted the daybeds onto the roof rack and there was no going back.  I swear I could hear the car groaning.

Actually David came back on his own as he dropped me at the airport to head back to London for a meeting.  I was concerned but he made it fine and I LOVE my new beds!!  I have never seen upholstered wrought iron beds before and yes, the fabric is trashed, but how amazing will these look when they’ve been restored?  Fab! One is 130 cm wide the other is 100 wide.

And at long last, a pretty wrought iron daybed.  This one is standard single size so will be really useful and has lovely old and battered paintwork.  Pretty pretty!

I’m also really pleased with the upholstered bed (standard double) – the velours is clean fresh and ready for use right now, just as it is which is a bit of a rarity.

Absolutely masses of amazing linens, tea towels, tickings, napkins etc new into stock as well.  Will try and post some photos soon.