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670NM12 pur fil 11


This is a close up of an original French magazine advert from October 1925 which is framed and hanging in my office.  It shows bolts of freshly woven linen being bleached by the sun in the fields.  It was a common practice and gently lightened the colour of the linen fabric and was used on the very best quality sheeting.

On my last buying trip I bought some truly wonderful enormous unused “pur fil” linen sheets, all dating to the 1930s and one has this stamped on the corner:

670NM12 pur fil 4“Guaranteed pure French linen, whitened on the fields”.

I think this is delightful and in all my years of dealing in linen, with all the hundreds of sheets that have passed through my hands, I have never seen this before.

All the sheets from this little haul have their original tickets, are stamped with the words “pur fil” and are 240 cm wide and up to 350 cm long.  This was an incredible find – you have no idea!

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