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…which is a good thing as all the linens I bought and blogged about at the beginning of January have now sold.

I try very hard to source linens that are in exceptionally good condition – I rarely buy pieces that have to be apologised for.  To me, a linen sheet needs to be strong and sturdy so that it can be used for its intended purpose for a good few years.  Much of what I sell will be used for curtains, upholstery or loose covers so it does really need to be “as new”.  It is not easy to keep the standard up but I know that as long as I can, things will always sell fast.

The people I buy from have known me for many years and know what I’m looking for.  I am very lucky that they keep pieces to one side for me and when I arrive in France emails fly back and forth as I plan my buying sorties.  I’ve just had an email from one Madame which starts “j’ai un panier” (I have a basket) which is her way of telling me there’s a basket of linen waiting for me to sort through.  I love it when her emails arrive and I’m sure I’ll never loose that little buzz of excitement as I imagine the possibilities that panier might hold!

So, what was the point of this blog?  Oh yes, new monograms and new stock!

I now have on sheets: MG, AG, GL, MR, ML, GM x 3, SP, MC, NF, MR

Set of 12 damask napkins with LM monograms, pair of napkins with MM monos

Square pillowcases with EC or G, FL and LF

629EM12 FL pillowcase 1 26NM13 AG metis 2 39EM13 LM napkins 1 43EM13 MTR linen 3 628EM12 pr pillowcases 1


I’m still sorting through things and there’ll be more photos soon.  I also have five striped tickings and a lovely pile of red striped linen tea towels.

But for now I have to get back to tiling the hallway floor!