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I’m so excited!!  Finally the range of home accessories I’ve been working on has made it to the cutting table.  My fabulous seamstress and friend is making up the samples and I’ll be able to take photos next week.

I had a meeting with her yesterday to go through fabric combinations and we’ve come up with some super things.  Working with only vintage fabrics is not easy but the results will speak for themselves.  I’m so excited!!!  (Did I mention that?)

So, very soon we’ll have aprons (full and half) for men and women in wonderful 19th century hemp mixed with vintage tea towel fabric or lovely faded chintz.  And bags, XL for the beach and L for your books and magazines.  These are going to be in vintage metis, matched with funky striped tickings.  I’m so excited!   🙂

So, watch this space and have your pennies ready – these are going to be fabulous and you’ll want them, I know.