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I’m not sure how I came to deal in French beds but once the ball started rolling it was hard to stop it!  I now have clients looking for beds so must find them and the more beds I find, the more people want them.  I suppose we do all need beds which might explain the constant demand.

So, here are some photos of the next batch before we head off this afternoon to see a man about some more!

227VG13 baby daybed 1

This is a really cute wrought iron cot which as always makes a wonderful little sofa.  A very pretty example and in excellent condition.

150 cm x 65 cm x 90 cm high



159TR13 black and brass bed 1

Smart small double bed, black with brass.  Substantial,  sturdy piece. Missing some brass balls but this is more than compensated for by its stature and elegance; great piece.

125 cm x 205 cm x 140 cm high



189VG13 green double bed 1

I love this bed!  Dating to around 1910, in original condition, very worn but oh so charming.  Full size double.

140 cm x 197 cm x 148 cm high




60TR13 single bed 2I may have blogged about this piece before I’m not sure, it wouldn’t fit in the trailer last trip so is still here.  Fantastic, chunky, solid walnut, real wow factor!

110 cm x 204 cm x 125 cm high