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The donjon with house on left and outbuildings on right

The donjon with house on left and outbuildings on right

I’ve often passed the sign to this chateau but last time we finally veered off to check it out.  OMG how stunning!  I would move in tomorrow!  The house (on the left) is mid 19th century but the donjon, which is all that remains of the original fortified settlement dates to the Middle Ages and the buildings to the right are 16th/17th century I guess.

Coraboeuf is a private house but as it’s had state funding for the renovations they are obliged to open to the public so that the French tax payer can appreciate this beautiful place.  We of course are not French tax payers but had a good time anyway.

When we arrived the kids were playing on the lawn and zooming around on their bikes and Madame was at her laptop in the salon.  The house itself is not open to the public but of course we looked in the windows…

The small park behind the buildings on the right was beautiful and rose to a  little pavilion/hunting lodge.

But most heavenly of all and the building that had me green with envy – their STUNNING barn.

Every inch of the buildings and gardens was immaculate; simple, quite plain and not over embellished.  Just totally gorgeous.

Visit if you can: Chateau de Coraboeuf, west of Beaune near the village of Ivry en Montagne in Burgundy.