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Well, the hallway is not entirely finished but I thought it was time to put up a few photos of the project.  (See previous blog post for the start of the plan.)

First David brought all the tiles up from the cellar and laid them out in the courtyard and I cleaned them with the pressure washer.  A very satisfying job; they cleaned off easily.

We then spent a lot of time pondering how best to lay them but I eventually took the plunge and got stuck in.

As the tomettes are very old, original to the house so dating to mid 18th century, they were very dry so I oiled the entire floor before starting on the grouting.  This had been recommended so that there was some barrier on the tiles to stop the grout sticking.

And then, finally, I was able to start the grouting.  On one hand this is a satisfying job and the end result wonderful but it is incredibly time consuming to do; I was managing about 1 sq metre in nearly two hours.  And backbreaking too!  The grouting is not quite finished but hopefully won’t take long to complete on our next trip down to the house in March; there’s not much left to do.

It is looking stunning and I can’t wait to get the skirting boards back on and photograph the finished result.