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We’re off a week today and I can’t wait.  Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!!!

I am really, desperately, in need of new stock but more than anything (and I know you’ll understand this) I need my buying fix, it’s been far too long.

We have markets to go to, brocantes to visit and my lovely linen ladies to see.  My shopping list is very short and very simple: everything!  Whilst my husband would deny that I have no stock, for a girl it’s a bit like having nothing to wear yet a wardrobe full of clothes.

So, do watch this space and hopefully I’ll have news of exciting treasures wending their way to England very soon.

If you have requests, now is the time to get in touch.

So, we hope for sunny skies

Sunny buying

And I hope, on the days that David joins me, he doesn’t get as bored as this poor dog!  

Boring buying