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It seems to me, living in France, that is important to master a few basic French recipes to add to the repertoire.  My boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin are pretty acceptable (well, certainly no complaints) and I have mastered quiche Lorraine although have to admit that I always buy them from the boulangerie in the next village as theirs are superb.    But somehow the definitive chocolate mousse has evaded me – until now (I hope).

I’ve combined two or three recipes to come up with this and hope it is The One.  Tastes good, looks good and we now just have to see how it is once set and served this evening.

6 eggs

300 grams good dark chocolate

15 cl cream

50 grams sugar

Melt chocolate as normal.  Separate eggs.  Beat whites until stiff with the sugar.  Add the cream, a little at a time, to the cooled, melted chocolate (it goes yukky but comes good).  Put the yolks into a bowl and whisk up a little then add the chocolate mix a third at a time.  Mix in a spoon of the egg whites to loosen the mix a little then fold in the rest, in about three goes, using a metal spoon.  Spoon into individual pots or one large one and chill until set.

So, more later when we’ve eaten it!

(Photo courtesy of David Harland Photography)