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What better way to go for a walk than with a glass of wine in your hand?  Each Easter the Maranges valley wine villages host an open cellars weekend and that’s exactly what you do – walk from cellar to cellar throughout the village, tasting the wines.  This year the event was up at Dezize les Maranges rather than in our village, which gave us the chance to explore a village we usually only drive through.  It has a very different feel as it’s up on the hill and the houses are quite tightly packed.

Portes ouvertes map001

Sadly we decided to go on the Saturday and it was bloomin’ chilly with grey skies and a bit of rain.  Not wildly conducive to leisurely ambling around but we soldiered on.  Tasted some great wines then headed home for a nap before regrouping at the bar for dinner.