Le Presbytere, Cheilly les Maranges

Welcome to my Burgundy blog.  Occasional updates from life in central France, usually focusing on stock buying, house renovation and wine drinking!

We bought our house in 2003 and try to spend about a third of the year here.  The house is the old presbytery of the village and housed three priests until just after the war when it was sold to the village.   When we bought the house it had been rented to a family for 25 years and did rather look it.

We took possession of a house which contained:

1 x kitchen sink

1 x toilet

1 x shower

1 x basin

And that was it – no heaters of any kind, no kitchen, no light bulbs (and often no light fittings) and no loo roll holder.  Always nice to start with a blank canvas, even if it is a canvas covered with nightmare-inducing wallpaper!  Oh, and unfortunately they did leave the carpet which smelt strongly of wet dog.

Well, eight years on and we are still working away but we have a lovely home that is spacious and comfortable and has housed many guests and hosted many joyful evenings.


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